A variety of institutions – from National Museum’s to small village schools – value our activities within the broad sphere of education.

We are able to work on a variety of levels with people of all ages; from long term collaboration in the development and making of substantial animated films – to much smaller one-off workshop projects in a variety of media, individual or combined.

Activities in either context reflect our core philosophy (see Overview). We work in ways that allow individual (and often hitherto undiscovered) talent to emerge, whilst emphasising the importance of teamwork.

As a result of the thematic areas prevalent in much of our work and the technical processes that we use, cross-curricular activity is inevitable. Literacy, numeracy and IT skills are fundamental parts of the film making process, along with a broad range of creative skills. These include drawing, painting, printmaking, design and technology, poetry, drama, narrative and character development, composition (both visual and musical), editing (sound and video), musicianship and more. Being rooted in ‘culture’, history, geography, art, music, language and literature are integral parts of most projects.

Contemporary education prioritizes the ability to think and to question. On the whole, our films probably raise as many questions as they answer. This is a deliberate policy. We hope that our work has sufficient space for the viewer or listener to bring his or her own interpretation, meaning or narrative. And, importantly, that it will stimulate a quest for knowledge and understanding.

We aspire to create work that will challenge audiences and act as a catalyst for thought, discussion and further creative development.

And on a far simpler level, we take museum objects out of the case and bring them to life...

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