The boundaries between mythology, folklore and archaeology are often blurred. Here in Wales, as in all places touched by humanity, all three are inextricably entwined with the landscape, past and present. For us, film-making presents the opportunity to fathom the rich array of linkages that create and define ‘culture’.

Our films are created through a flexible collaborative process, devised according to the nature and demands of the individual project. Often, much of the character artwork, narrative development, sound effects and stop frame animation emerge from a workshop process, undertaken with young people informed and inspired by a variety of specialists.

We aim to enable creative input from all; young people, archaeologists, poets, geologists, teachers, naturalists and so on. Working together, it’s possible to engage in a sort of collective cultural mind mapping.

The unique aesthetic of film our work to date is derived from three main elements; hand made artwork, high definition digital footage of the contemporary landscape and specially taken digital images of artefacts. Similarly, textured and layered sound worlds are created using samples derived from sources environmental, prehistoric and modern.

The process has been developed in collaboration with a number of institutions including the National Museums of Ireland and Scotland, The British Museum and, most notably, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales.

Through the use of digital technology, we have been able to reunite artefacts with the landscapes in which they were made, used, worn, lost, committed and eventually unearthed, millennia later.

Past lives, objects and stories act as catalyst for contemporary creativity.

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