Old Media

Computers, cameras and microphones are wonderful tools – but they’re only as good as things you choose to point them at.

We like:

  • The gentle scratch of soft pencil moving over handmade paper...
  • The squeak of strings as fingers move up and down the fret-board...
  • The smell of linseed oil in paint and ink...
  • The dark chocolate colour of moorland peat...
  • The embossed surface of collagraph prints...
  • The minutiae of extraordinary landscapes (no such thing as an ordinary landscape)...
  • The swish of the lovingly maintained trombone slide...
  • The crunch of charcoal when accidentally trodden on....
  • Accidentally gluing our fingers together...
  • Getting messy...

And a whole pile of other multi-sensory treasures that are part and parcel of wrestling with materials and processes. Process being as important as product, if not more so...


In the course of sharing moments like these and bringing them into focus, we’ve acquired a wealth of experience in a variety of ‘new media’: film, websites, music and so on. Bitter experience has taught us that accidentally clicking the wrong switch or making the wrong settings selection can severely compromise promising work. We work with artists and institutions, enabling them to communicate sound, vision and touch (but perhaps not smell as we haven’t devised an effective way of archiving this yet) in a variety of contexts.

We are committed to working in the most energy efficient ways we can and recycling resources wherever possible – much of the animation artwork is created from a printmaking process that makes extensive use of found materials.

Entered with the right spirit of improvisation – but no shortage of rigour – things needn’t be as expensive as they often seem to be in the world of ‘New Media’.

We can tame your technology beast.


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